The President of NOVA Electronics, Efstathios Chaidemenos, is celebrating 51 years in the workforce!

For the new age, 51 years of working experience may seem a lifetime. Tell us, how did you begin?

I began working at the age of 17 due to urgent family affairs. My father was killed on a car accident and I had to work so as to live along with my mother and my youngest brother.

When did your interest in electronics come to life?

At the age of 20, when I attended the worldwide group of radio amateurs.

When did you decide you wanted to work in the shipping industry?

At the age of 20, when I stopped working at VIOCHALKO as an electronic engineer at the quality control team of very long telephone cables.

How was the shipping industry then?

Shipping field has always been attractive for me with many big surprises.

And then came NOVA Electronics. What is the story behind this venture?

I started, being sure that in the future I could succeed and achieve the best, working 20 hours per day most of the times.

We all know the long hours in this business, the traveling, the many days away from home. How did you keep good balance between work and family?

I always tried to keep a balance between my job and my family although sometimes I intended to lose that balance, placing work as a priority.

What were your expectations for NOVA Electronics when you started? Do you feel you have accomplished that dream?

I believe that I achieved the best that I could. Of course, there is possibility another person, would achieve something better.

You have two daughters. One of them followed your steps and she is considered the new generation of NOVA Electronics. How does it feel to work with your daughter?

Yes, I have 2 daughters. One of them has a brilliant career as a biochemist and the other one is working for 10 years to NOVA and nowadays, she is on the position of Sales Manager. Our relationship is perfect and at the same time strict enough as regards the rules of the company’s management.

Which you consider the most important milestones in your career.

Having the opportunity to work to marine electronics at ELKIME LTD company which was a remarkable company at that period of time.

If you could go back at the beginning, would you change anything?

Probably I would change many things, due to my today’s big experience.

If you could give one advice to the new generation starting in the shipping industry, what would it be?

I would advise young people that are now begininng their career, to have as a priority their update/training to new technology, to work as much as pοssible without underestimating their quality of services and all good things will happen in the end and their work will be recognized.