JMA-5100 Marine Radar


The JMA-5100 radar series has a 10.4” high visibility TFT colour LCD display, integrating the best features from JRC’s popular radars into one, providing a superior operation and installation environment, matched with your needs. A worthy choice of quality and innovation that allows for safe and comfortable in navigation with a high performance rate, just as you would expect.


The JMA-5100 radar series consist of a compact processor, dedicated keyboard, high visibility display and a high performance antenna, allowing for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces.The display can be positioned vertically and horizontally, and the choices for flush or bracket mounting, allowing for even more flexibility.


A dedicated jog-dial and trackball are conveniently integrated, allowing for simple and effective operation. JRC’s intuitive menu allows you to easily select EBL and VRM, a few of the most common used navigation tools. With the trackball you can also capture MARPA targets effortlessly, and to simplify the navigation process even further, JRC incorporated ‘direct-keys’, making frequently used functions easy to find.


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