Broadgate VER4000 –S-VDR

Broadgate VER4000 -S-VDR

As part of the fourth generation of Broadgate VERs the new VER4000-S has been designed with the aid of our customers. VER4000-S is one of the most user friendly and cost effective systems available.

This new system records a vast array of onboard activity, including audio (both speech and ambient sound), radar, time, position, speed, heading, telegraph demand, engine and propeller activity, as well as a host of additional information.

For over 17 years, Broadgate Voyage Event Recorders have been fitted on almost every conceivable type of ship, including Ro-Ro ferries, bulk carriers, container ships, coasters, tankers and passenger vessels. All Broadgate VERs are supported by a global service and installation network, which spans over 140 offices in 44 countries.

Training and expansion of this network is an ongoing exercise, which continues to ensure that wherever a ship is in the world, installation, surveying and maintenance assistance is close at hand.


 Main Electronics Enclosure (M.E.E.)

  • Bulkhead mounting
  • Designed for installation on the bridge or in an adjacent equipment room
  • Automatic operation
  • A removable compact flash card stores data for immediate, easy analysis onboard or ashore.

Protective Capsule

  • A choice of capsules is available for S-VDR installations: A fixed unit, which stays with the ship, or a float-free device featuring a hydrostatic release mechanism.
  • Houses the solid state memory
  • 12 -24 hours continuous recording using solid-state memory
  • Deck mounting
  • Designed to withstand extreme conditions, thereby protecting the stored data.

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Broadgate VER4000 – VDR

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