Tron UAIS TR-2500

Automatic Identification System

Tron UAIS TR-2500 is a VHF transponder system continuously exchanging own ship information with information from all UAIS-equipped ships within VHF range. Broadcasting identification, position, course and speed over ground as well as static and voyage related information to vessels and shore base stations.

Easy to operate and a compact size, quick installation.

MED B & D approved by BSH. FCC approved.
NATO Stock No. 5820-25-150-8821.

Fully compliant to all IMO relevant product standards.

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adminTron UAIS TR-2500

RA-2500 AIS Receiver

RA-2500 is a dual channel VHF receiver.
It will continuously monitor ship information from all AIS-equipped ships within VHF range.

Easy readable ship information from the built-in display: Name, MMSI, position, course and speed over ground as well as static and other voyage related information.

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adminRA-2500 AIS Receiver



• Adopted by IMO RES MSC. 256 (84) as an alternative to 9GHz SART

Proved performance:
• Up to 10 nm from a SOLAS ship with AIS class A transponder
• Up to 40 nm from a SAR helicopter (altitude 1000 ft)
• Up to 130 nm from a SAR aircraft (altitude 20000 ft)


• Unique AIS technology contribute to a more effective and less time
consuming SAR operation, due to superior position accuracy
• The AIS-SART is detected on both AIS Class A and B and AIS Receivers
• Small and compact
• Jotron Tron AIS-SART use the same acessories as the Tron SART20 Bulkhead
bracket, pole, life-boat bracket and neoprene protection bag)

Will be shown on ECDIS or Chart plotters as a RED Circle with a cross inside.

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adminTron AIS-SART

Tron 40S MkII

Cospas Sarsat approved 406 / 121.5 MHz EPIRB

– 5 years warranty
– New non-haz battery
– Fits existing brackets
– New state of the art technology, improved visibility
– Incorporated into Jotron recycle program

Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations.

MED and FCC approved.

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adminTron 40S MkII

Tron 45SX

 Maniual Satellite Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon

Operates on the SARSAT/ COSPAS frequency 406 MHz. Identification and positioning via satellite. Transmits also on the air traffic emergency frequency 121,5 MHz for homing.

Easy mounting with bulkhead mounting bracket. Optional container for alternative use. Manual or sea water activation. Manual switch panel and strobe light. Light weight and small size. Standard 48 hours operational time.

Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations.

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adminTron 45SX

Tron SART20

Small and compact design with non hazardous battery. 5 years maintenance kit, serviceable on board. Tron SART20 is designed for use in search and rescue (SAR) operations. A radar transponder gives the location for any nearby vessel and aircraft with X-band radar.

Radar transponder is designed for use in lifeboats and liferafts. Easy mounting in bulkhead bracket onboard the vessel, easy to release and activate in an emergency situation. Various installation devices available as options. MED and other approvals available. Mandatory carriage equipment for all ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards, according to SOLAS III/6.2.2, III/26.2.5 and IV/7.1.3.

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adminTron SART20

Tron TR 20 GMDSS

Hand Portable Maritime VHF

Rugged VHF radio for emergency situations and regular use for onboard communications.
Easy to operate by one hand or wearing gloves.
Both display and keys have back light facility to ease operation in low light conditions.

Channels: 21 channels, including channel 16. Watertight to IP67.

Complies to ETS 300 225 and IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations.

MED and FCC approved.
NATO Stock No. 5820-25-151-1960.

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adminTron TR 20 GMDSS