SAT-202 Satellite Terminal

The SAT-202 is EMS Global Tracking’s latest satellite terminal. Designed as a multi-purpose unit, the terminal includes modem and antenna with interface functionality. Power supply is normally provided by the asset, however power source/battery backup is possible via the GEM-100 expansion module.

The SAT-202 terminal has three fully configurable inputs/ outputs for sensor monitoring, and one open drain output suitable for driving relays and indicators. The data-logging function includes GPS positions, transmissions and data for more than 6,500 entries which is accessible locally via the serial port. All transmissions are logged with a record of the time the message was created and if applicable, when it was transmitted.

There are two cable entry variations for the SAT-202 depending on how the terminal is to be installed – either bottom or side entry. Direct interface is possible with most application environments without extra circuitry, providing the opportunity to minimise system integration costs and timescales.

The SAT-202 terminal is ideal for all environments and is favoured in remote regions where terrestrial communication cannot be relied upon.

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